It’s business, but not as we’ve known it.

It’s business, but not as we’ve known it.

A few thoughts, mumblings and observations during the lockdown as we navigate our way through this horrific situation.

Well, this really is a horrendous time we all find ourselves in!  The year started positively and hopefully like us; you were excited to see what the rest of the year had in store?! Then… this?… really?!

The impact COVID-19 has had across the World is truly frightening.  This pandemic doesn’t care where or who you are… we’re all in this together, none of us immune.  In that respect, one thing it has done is bring us together (figuratively of course).  Aside from a handful of panic buyers and those ignoring distancing rules, the UK has rallied and supported one another.

From a business point of view, this crisis has completely transformed the lives of our team, our customers and the wider hospitality industry – one of the first and hardest-hit industries.  Under ordinary circumstances at this time of year, we would be ramping up our brewing and generally getting excited about the Summer pub trade – particularly with our lagers.  Kegs washed, prepped and filled ready for the influx of orders from pubs.  Instead, the summer trade hangs in the balance and we’ve barely spoken to a pub for a couple of weeks.

Clearly the closure of pubs (including our own) had a major impact on our revenue.  Literally overnight the on-trade closed their doors – no more orders and possibly no payment for much of the beer already supplied.

Instead, we swiftly adjusted our focus and attention turned to our canned lines.  Fortunately, we have our own canning line, beer in the tanks and a healthy canned stock ready to go.  Thankfully we also have off-sale routes to market to keep some cash flowing.

We are hugely grateful to every single one of you in the craft beer community who continues to support your local and favourite breweries.  Equally important are the online beer shops and platforms enabling consumers to find and buy craft beers directly – such as CraftyBro! There can be no doubt that these platforms and the continued support of the craft beer community will keep many breweries going during this difficult period.

The craft beer world is a great one to be a part of at any time, but during these difficult times, the support of Crafties is superb!

Now that supermarket shelves are relatively well-stocked again, it would be easy to replenish beer supply with ‘big brand’ brews. But craft drinkers have recognised the importance of supporting smaller breweries during this period to ensure as many as possible make it out the other side so they can continue enjoying the beers they love!.. and on behalf of every craft brewery out there – THANK YOU!

We will come out on the other side of this and we can’t bloody wait! The parties are going to be epic!

More important than any of this is that we all stay safe.  We wish you all well.

From a sunny Suffolk, Cheers!



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