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BrewTapp provides you with an easy-to-customise platform to sell as much or as little as you want.

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Add your products & adapt your store with your own unique brand artwork.

Be an entrepreneur or tastemaker connoisseur - you are 100% in control.

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Quench the thirst of BrewTapp hopsters everywhere.

Be as commercial or as exclusive as you like. Keep it boutique or go mass - it’s your call!

Control Your Store


No design skills needed. You have 100% control over the look & feel of your store. Customise your content from artwork to products.


Upload & manage your products with easy access SKUs, inventory system & stock control tracking features


Benefit from BrewTapp’s brand awareness marketing campaign driving craft beer audiences to the site & direct to you.

Build Your Community

BrewTapp’s ‘Community Build’ feature
opens up a social platform between
brewers & craft drinkers.

Creating 1-on-1 conversation &
connection, sharing new flavours &
views with like-minded spirits.

Serve Everyone

With BrewTapp, There is
no Queuing at The Bar.

We bring the service to your patrons!
So you can serve everyone all at once.

Your Online Store

Keep it simple. Integrate BrewTapp as your website store: Orders, shipping & payments plus instant, easy-to-use e-comms features. Everything you need to manage your business – in real-time – from your dashboard.

Your Bespoke Shopfront

As simple or design-savvy as you want it to be. For maximum standout, showcase your craft brands in the most vibrant way possible.

Setup Store

For Breweries & Companies with multiple brands:

1. One Store Setup: A single go-to store that features several brands, each with their own delineated sub-header.

2. Multiple Store Setup: Create individual stores for every brand or label, managing each account like a behind-the-scenes Parent Co.

BrewTapp App

Control every aspect of your store & products on-the-go. Wherever you are, your business is right there with you! Keeping you proactive, reactive and present. Always on the money.

Buy Button

Add a ‘buy’ button’ with your unique BrewTapp URL to
allow social groups, friends & followers instant access
to your store to browse & buy beers.

Sales Channels

Feature your BrewTapp store on Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn to promote your brand: Raise awareness. Grow your audience. Boost sales.

Swift & Simple Payment

Sell What You Want

BrewTapp provides a shopfront so you can sell your product exactly as you want.

You set prices. You choose products. You can even set quota variants per purchase. You control your business.

Competitive Low Fees

Setting up your store is FREE Launching & maintaining your active store is FREE.

CraftyBro’s fee is 22% of gross sales per order. The customer pays shipping costs (per unique Brewery order).

All you have to do is sell!

Instant Revenue

All purchase revenue instantly divided between you & BrewTapp then credited your designated account.

Options to account weekly or monthly available on request.

Brewery Stories

Joe Laventure

Portobello Brewing Co

Portobello Brewing Company re-interpret traditional beer styles with a focus on quality, flavour and drinkability. We brew a core range of balanced, easy-going beers for everyday drinking, along with an evolving line-up of specials and seasonal's. Instead of chasing trends we’re inspired by Britain’s rich brewing history & the diversity of our local area. We call this Brewing the West Way.

Matt Williams

Big Hug Brewing

Huglife is our strapline…but it’s more than that. It’s our way of thinking and the way that we are…..the way that we try to live and enjoy our lives and channel that into everything that we do. It’s about life. You only get one. Do what you want to do. Go where you want to go. Follow a dream. Communicate. Collaborate. Meet people. Surround yourself with good people.

Start Selling Now

Register Your Brewery. Setup Your Store. Design Your Shopfront.
You’re ready to go: selling your freshest craft beer in no time.

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