Getting Started

Creating Your First Brew//Tapp Store

This is a guide to help you build your first store on Brew//Tapp so it stands out and brings your customers back again and again. You will need a store banner much like Facebook or other social platforms and a logo. For products, you will also need at least one image but this can be as many as you like. Product details, the more details the better, weight is also very important so we can work out the shipping costs correctly.

Setting up payment is also important so we can pay you instantly minus the commission as soon as the customer pays.

Image Specifications:

Image specifications:
Banner shop-front: 2400x550px
Logo for store: 400x400px
Product image: 600x600px

Supported image formats:
Max file size 1mb.

Product Specifications:

Required for each product and variant.
• Product Name
• Attributes: Can, bottle, size, colour, flavour etc.
• SKU: Pack size, packaged quantities, weight.
(weight is important for shipping costs)
• Product Short Description: 200 characters Max.
• Product Description: No Max characters
• Category: IPA, Pale Ale, etc
• Product Image: 600x600px
• Inventory: Product code & quantity
• Retail Price: Per SKU
• Link Products: Suggest related products
depending on purchases and preferences.

Company Profile Information:

• Store name & description: No max characters
• Income payment details: Company details,
• bank details, shareholder details etc.
• (Or existing Stripe account)
• Payment details: PayPal URL for instant payment
• Shipping Details: Collection address inc Off Licence Certification.
• Policies, T&C’s inc returns
• Social platform URLs: Facebook, Twitter,
• Instagram etc.


Creating a Store

In this short video, we look at creating your first store, uploading a banner and profile image, store descriptions and connecting the payment systems, PayPal and Stripe.

Adding a Simple Product

Here we will go over how to add a new simple product to your store now that you have ste up the shop front. Some things we will cover are:

  • Product name
  • Product descriptions
  • Product images
  • Product categories
  • Product attributes

Add a Variable Product

This video shows you how to add a product that has many variations like package type 6 pack, 12 pack etc… Or it could be if the product is sold in cans and bottle or many different sizes.

Connecting Payment accounts

This video shows you how to connect your stripe account and Paypal accounts with BrweTapp for instant payments.

Dashboard Review

In this video we look at the main Brewery dashboard, view orders as they come in, managing products and store settings.

Creating a Blog Post

This video we look at creating a blog post to promote new beers, event or educate your followers.

Start Selling Now

Register Your Brewery. Setup Your Store. Design Your Shopfront.
You’re ready to go: selling your freshest craft beer in no time.

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