Our journey into brewing started many years ago. As children, we’d help our dad make homebrew beer in the cellar of our family home. In 2014 SEVEN BRO7HERS brewery was born, a brewery dedicated to creating the best beer for everyone. Since then, our beer has reached the hands of thousands of customers. We have around 2500 investors after three very successful rounds of crowd funding. We’ve won loads of awards and accolades for our beers and brand along the way... Now, it’s time our beers were NEXT GENERATION! The start of 2017 saw our biggest growth to date and our move into our new brand-new brewery. With state of the art digital technology, that only a limited few craft breweries in the country have, our engineering knowledge and skills have allowed us to develop a unique system that can work with us as we accelerate our expansion. Our major transition to our new facility has enabled us to double brewing capability and quadruple brewing capacity and we now brew 1 million litres of beer a year.

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